Friday, 16 December 2016

U.S. Navy Announces Need for 355-ship with More CVN, DDG, SSN, Amphibs & Auxiliary Vessels

The U.S. Secretary of the Navy announced the results of the 2016 Force Structure Assessment (FSA), a year-long effort which began in January that was conducted to evaluate long-term defense security requirements for future naval forces today at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia.

The new fleet goal calls for 1 more aircraft carrier, 16 more large surface combatant, 18 more attack submarines, 4 more amphibious warfare ships, 3 more expeditionary support bases and 5 more support ships. The number of LCS (including the Frigate variant) and aircraft appears to remain unchanged (despite calls in the US Navy to reduce the number of LCS and procure more Super Hornet fighters). 

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