Sunday, 31 May 2015

"CATBird" 737 Based F-35 Test Bed Performs in JPALS All-Weather Landing System Testing

Teamwork between government and industry teams advanced the U.S. Navy’s capability to recover aircraft in all weather conditions — a vital solution aimed at protecting people and equipment while enhancing the flexibility, power projection, and strike capabilities of carrier air wings. The F-35 Cooperative Avionics Test Bed (CATBird), a modified Boeing 737-330, accomplished initial connectivity and datalink testing between the F-35 Lightning II and a Joint Precision Approach and Landing System (JPALS) test facility at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland in 2014.

Updated technical data details T-14 Armata MBT Afghanit APS Active Protection System

Updated technical data details about the T-14 Armata MBT (Main Battle Tank), all information about the Afghanit APS (Active Protection System). The Russian Company Uralvagonzavod is responsible for the design and development of the new Russian main battle tank MBT Armata T-14 for 2013 with the delivery of the first prototypes for 2015.
T-14 Armata technical data details Afghanit APS Active Protection System
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Uralvagonzavod will demonstrate T-14 Armata MBT to an Egyptian delegation during the RAE 2015

Uralvagonzavod, the manufacturer of the Russian T-14 Armata main battle tank invited a delegation from Egypt to the RAE 2015, a military equipment and arms expo in Russia, where the capability of the new tank will be demonstrated. RAE 2015 will be held in Nizhny Tagil (Russia) from the 9 to 12 September 2015.
T-14 Armata main battle tank during loading on truck trailer
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Royal Navy & Royal Air Force personnel were onboard USS WASP for F-35B Lightning II trials

The six United States Marine Corps (USMC) Lightning II aircraft were onboard USS WASP, off the coast of the United States’ Eastern Seaboard. The aircraft were assessing the ship/air integration and effectiveness across flight operations, communications, maintenance support and logistical supply. Operational Test activity will include carrier qualifications for aircraft take-off and landing, and air combat/air defence missions over sea.

Russian Navy Baltic Fleet Steregushchy Class Corvettes Destroy Simulated Enemy Ships in Gun Drill

Russian Navy Baltic Fleet Steregushchy class corvettes Boiky and Stoiky (Project 20380) have destroyed practice targets simulating enemy vessels in a gun battle drill according to Russian news outlet TASS quoting the fleet spokesman Captain 2nd Rank Vladimir Matveyev. 

U.S. Office of Naval Research Testing High-Speed Planing Hulls

Earlier this month, scientists sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) performed experiments to better understand the motions, forces and pressures generated by waves on boats with high-speed planing hulls.

U.S. Navy Sailors Stand Ready For EMALS Launch Aboard Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78)

A few dozen Sailors from Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) Pre-Commissioning Unit (PCU) have completed specialized training and stand ready to operate and maintain the Navy’s newest aircraft launch system, slated to begin shipboard testing this summer.

Kamaz Typhoon-K 6x6 MRAP armoured vehicle ready for final operational service tests in 2015

Russia's brand new Kamaz Typhoon-K 6x6 MRAP armored vehicles will undergo final operational service tests in 2015, the director of the department of digital design systems of OJSC KAMAZ told RIA Novosti. Russia's Ministry of Defense will decide on the mass production of Typhoons following the trials, Aleksey Purtov added.
Kamaz Typhoon-K 6x6 MRAP armoured vehicle personnel carrier at Victory Day military parade in Moscow, May 9, 2015.
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Saturday, 30 May 2015

United States signs an agreement with Spain to have a permanent base to Spanish Moron Air Base.

Spain has signed an agreement with the US allowing to make its presence at a military base in southwest of the country permanent. Morón Air Base will be now able to station up to 3,000 troops - more than triple the size of the current contingent. The Spanish government approved the deal on Friday, May 28, 2015.
U.S. Marines and sailors board a KC-130J Super Hercules on Morón Air Base, Spain, to deploy to West Africa in support of Operation United Assistance, Oct. 8 2014. The Marines and sailors are assigned to Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force-Crisis Response-Africa. U.S. Marine Corps photo by 1st Lt. Gerard R. Farao.
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HHI Launched "Nampo" MLS-II Class New Generation ASW Minelayer for the ROK Navy

South Korean shipyard Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) launched the first MLS-II class anti-submarine warfare (ASW) minelayer for the Republic of Korea Navy (ROK Navy) on May 28th. MLS-II Nampo has a lenght of 114 meters, 17 meters in width and 28 meters in depth for a displacement of 3,000 tons. Its crew complement is 120. Nampo is expected to be delivered to the ROK Navy by October 2016 following final outfitting and sea trials.

DCNS is Preparing The Next Refit of the Charles de Gaulle Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier

DCNS is the sole prime contractor for Major Technical Shutdown No. 2 of the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, scheduled for the start of 2017. The Group has been actively preparing for this over the last few years, through the progressive ramping up of this exceptional project. This operation is being implemented in close cooperation with the DGA (French armament procurement agency), the French Navy’s Fleet Support Department and the aircraft carrier’s crew. This cooperation with the crew is particularly important because they will actively participate in the vessel’s maintenance and renovation work. This operation represents three major industrial challenges for one of the French navy’s flagships, detailed below.

Video: French Navy FREMM Frigate Aquitaine fires MBDA's MdCN Naval Cruise Missile

The French Navy (Marine Nationale) has released a video showing the first launch of an MdCN (Missile de Croisière Navale) Naval Cruise Missile from a FREMM Frigate. On May 19, frigate Aquitaine (head of the class and first unit in the multi-mission frigate program FREMM) successfully fired its first naval cruise missile on the firing ranges of the DGA missile testing centre off Levant Island. This event marked the first time a European surface ship has fired a cruise missile.

Airbus Helicopters officially unveils first prototype of the H160 utility helicopter

Three months after having unveiled a mockup of the H160 at Heli-Expo 2015, Airbus Helicopters has disclosed the first prototype of the aircraft. Airbus Helicopters unveiled the H160 prototype in the presence of French Prime Minister Manuel Valls. This innovative helicopter also performed its first ground run on May 28, 2015, announced Airbus Helicopters. The company previously reported that the prototype, the first of three, powered on in November 2014. 
Airbus Helicopters H160 medium utility helicopter during its first ground run on May 28, 2015
(Airbus Helicopters)
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Video Saab Next Generation Carl Gustaf M4 (M3A1 MAAWS) multi-purpose weapon system

The new light-weight Carl Gustaf M4, weighing approximately 15 pounds, offers significant weight savings to the soldier. It is also compatible with future battlefield technology such as intelligent sighting systems for programmable ammunition. With a wide variety of munitions available, it is a weapon system capable of handling multiple tactical situations, bridging the gap between full scale operations and low intensity conflicts, and providing the modern warfighter with unprecedented flexibility and capability on the battlefield.

New Carl-Gustaf M4 multi-purpose weapon system presented for the first time in Canada

The new light-weight Carl-Gustaf M4, weighing less than 7 kg, offers significant weight savings to the soldier. It is also compatible with future battlefield technology such as intelligent sighting systems for programmable ammunition. For the first time in Canada, the new Carl-Gustaf M4 is now showcased at CANSEC, defense exhibition in Canada.
New light-weight SAAB Carl-Gustaf M4 multi-purpose weapon system
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U.S. approves a $130 mn FMS to United Arab Emirates for Guided Bomb Units

The US State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for Guided Bomb Units (GBU-31s and GBU-12s) and associated equipment, parts and logistical support for an estimated cost of $130 million. The principal contractors will be The Boeing Company in Chicago, Illinois; and Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, Arizona, the DSCA announced yesterday, May 29.
UAE Air Force is currently involved in the international military intervention against ISIS, with 4 F-16 fighter aircraft engaged
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United States proposes to deploy THAAD air defense missile system in South Korea

U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) said Saturday, May 30, 2015, the possible deployment of the U.S. THAAD advanced missile defense system on Korean soil should be considered as threats by North Korea have grown. As an integral part of the U.S.-led missile defense system, it is designed to shoot down short, medium and intermediate ballistic missiles at a higher altitude in their terminal phase using a hit-to-kill method. 
THAAD Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (Air Defense Missile System) mobile unit launcher. 
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Taiwan plans to purchase 120 American-made M1A1 Abrams tanks to replace old M60A3 MBT

The Ministry of National Defense of Taiwan said it would stick to a plan to buy 120 US-made M1A1 Abrams tanks in an estimated NT$33 billion (US$1.08 billion) deal. The Republic of China (ROC) Army Command Headquarters Office said the program’s budget allocation would be made in 2017, with delivery expected to begin in 2020.
An M1A1 Abrams tank is driven on a tank course by Iraqi soldiers with the 9th Iraqi Army Division instructed by U.S. Soldiers 
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China has sent for the first time infantry troops for peacekeeping missions in South Sudan

China's first peacekeeping mission involving combat-ready troops has been deployed to South Sudan. It has held an inauguration ceremony for its headquarters in the capital Juba. This is the first time China has sent peacekeeping infantry to any task zone since it first took part in peacekeeping operations in 1990. 
The Chinese 700-strong infantry battalion deployed in South Sudan includes 121 officers and 579 soldiers.
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Friday, 29 May 2015

KIDEC 2015 Kuwait first International Defense Exhibition under official patronage of Kuwaiti MOD

The Kuwait International Defense Exhibition & Conference (KIDEC) 2015 is proud to be the only Defense Exhibition in Kuwait that is being held under the official patronage of the Kuwait Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Sheikh Khalid Al- Jarrah Al-Sabah. Army Recognition appointed by KIDEC 2015 organizers as Official media partner, Official Online Show Daily News and Web TV KIDEC 2015.

Australia to train Afghan soldiers with Explosive Ordnance Disposal and IEDs Defeat courses

Australian military experts are continuing to help their Afghan allies with the Explosive Ordnance Disposal, or EOD, and Improvised Explosive Device Defeat courses. Last year, improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, claimed more than eight lives per day in Afghanistan.
An Afghan National Defense and Security Forces student in an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) suit prepares to destroy dangerous ordnance during an explosive ordnance test in the EOD School at the Central Training Centre in Kabul, Afghanistan. (Australian Department of Defence photo by Cpl. David Cotton)
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Indian Air Force Test Fired A Harpoon Anti-Ship Missile from its Jaguar IM Aircraft for the First Time

The Indian Air Force test fired an AGM-84L Harpoon anti-ship missile from a Jaguar IM maritime strike aircraft for the first time on May 22nd. The test was a success as the missile hit a pre-designated target in the Arabian Sea.

Singapore and Germany to Step up Defence Cooperation

The defence ministers of Singapore and Germany have expressed a firm commitment towards strengthening and expanding bilateral defence cooperation and training exercises between both countries, the Singaporean Defence Ministry (Mindef) said in a statement.

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Royal Thai Air Force selects Cambridge Pixel to upgrade its air defence capability

The Royal Thai Air Force has selected Cambridge Pixel, a developer of radar display and tracking subsystems, to upgrade its air defence capability at several strategic sites across the country, including air force bases and training facilities. Engineers at the Royal Thai Air Force headquarters at Don Muang Airbase, Bangkok, Thailand, were looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade their legacy air defence processing and display hardware without replacing the existing and expensive radar sensors. 

Czech government has approved 11 military tenders including armoured vehicles and radars

The Czech government has approved a list of 11 tenders, worth several billions of crowns, that the Defence Ministry will declare this year, including a planned acquisition of more than 60 armoured vehicles. The Czech Defence Ministry wants to obtain 20 wheeled armoured vehicles worth 1.3 billion crowns. The vehicles should be delivered in 2018-2020 and the tender will be launched in the summer. 
Czech Army Pandur 2 8x8 armoured infantry fighting vehicle at IDET 2015, Defense Exhibition in Brno, Czech Republic.
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Georgian company Delta unveils new Multi-function Unmanned Helicopter

Georgia recently unveiled a new unmanned attack and reconnaissance helicopter produced by the state research and development center Delta. This new UAV has been displayed for the first time on Roses Square in Tbilisi, during Georgia's Independence Day celebration on May 26. Delta, which was established in 2010, was subordinate to the Georgian Ministry of Defense until 2014, but is now controlled by the Georgian Ministry of Economy. 
Delta new Multi-function Unmanned Helicopter showcased during Georgia's Independence Day
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Merlin MK2 Crowsnest: The New Airborne Early Warning Platform For Royal Navy Aircraft Carriers

The British MOD and Lockheed Martin UK, as the prime contractor for Crowsnest, have selected Thales as the chosen bidder to provide the radar and mission system at the heart of the Crowsnest capability. The Crowsnest project will act as the Royal Navy’s eyes and ears for its next generation carriers, giving long-range air, maritime and land detection, as well as the capability to track potential threats. 

Northrop Grumman, U.S. Army Achieve Ballistic Missile Intercept in First Flight Test

The U.S. Army and Northrop Grumman Corporation took a significant step toward the objective for integrated air and missile defense (IAMD) when a ballistic missile was destroyed using the IAMD Battle Command System (IBCS) in its first flight test. The Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System (IBCS) is a revolutionary command-and-control (C2) system developed to deliver a single, unambiguous view of the battlespace.

Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) Battle Command System (IBCS) engagement operations centers and fire control network in 2013 (Photo Courtesy: U.S. Army)

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French companies CMI Defence & Silkan join to create AGUERIS company for training & simulations

CMI Defence SAS, the French subsidiary of CMI group (Cockerill Maintenance & Ingenierie), a leader in multifunctional, high-effect weapon systems for light and medium weight armored vehicles and a provider of technical and training assistance, and SILKAN, French leader in virtual simulation and real time interconnection applied to critical systems, create together a joint venture named AGUERIS.

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US 501st Aviation Regiment first AH-64 helicopter unit with Shadow UAV will be deployed in Kuwait

U.S. Soldiers in the first AH-64 Apache unit to receive Shadow unmanned aerial systems are training hard to work out the kinks in preparation for their deployment this summer to the Middle East. The 1st Armored Division's 3rd Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment will deploy in August to Kuwait in support of Operation Spartan Shield.
The 1/501st Aviation Battalion on Fort Bliss, Texas was redesignated 3rd Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment and now equipped with AH-64E Apache Guardian and RQ-7Bv2 Shadow unmanned aerial vehicle.
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Rockwell Collins to provide support for Canada's fleet of CH-147F Chinook helicopters

The Boeing Company announced yesterday, May 28, it has awarded Rockwell Collins a contract to provide avionics service and support for the Royal Canadian Air Force’s (RCAF) fleet of 15 CH-147F Chinook transport helicopters. The Rockwell Collins Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS) cockpit is featured on the CH-147F Chinook helicopter, which was delivered by Boeing to the RCAF in 2013 and 2014. 
RCAF's CH-147F Chinook transport helicopter
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U.S. Marines and U.S. Navy Conduct Integration of F-35B Lightning II aboard USS Wasp

Marines and sailors have worked together since May 18 to conduct Operational Testing 1, the assessment of the integration of the F-35B Lightning II, at sea, aboard USS Wasp (LHD-1). Throughout OT-1, the aircraft and personnel involved have been challenged with a wide variety of flight and deck operations, allowing the gathering of data which will lay the groundwork for future F-35B deployments aboard U.S. Navy amphibious carriers. 

Orbital ATK wins a $26 mn contract to deliver one AC-208 Caravan gunship aircraft to Lebanon

Orbital ATK has been awarded a not to exceed $26,134,804 firm-fixed-price contract for support of the Lebanon Cessna 208B Caravan Program. The US-based company will provide one commercial-off-the-shelf Cessna 208B Caravan with a Garmin 1000 baseline glass cockpit, avionics package and Pratt & Whitney PT6A-140 turboprop engine, the US DoD announced yesterday, May 28. Work will be performed at Beirut, Lebanon, and is expected to be complete by May 30, 2016. 
The AC-208 Caravan gunship aircraft firing an AGM-114 Hellfire missile
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U.S. Army to develop new 120mm GPS-guided mortar

The U.S. Army hopes the 120mm Guided Enhanced Fragmentation Mortar further improves Soldiers' ability to put artillery on target. During U.S. Dept. of Defence Lab Day at the Pentagon, May 14, multiple researchers from throughout the U.S. Army were available to demonstrate their projects, the 120mm Guided Enhanced Fragmentation Mortar, or GEFM, program.

U.S. Soldiers Firing with XM395 Accelerated Precision Mortar Initiative GPS Guided 120mm Mortar

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Thursday, 28 May 2015

New Georgian light MLRS based on Didgori 1 4x4 armored fitted with universal rocket module

Georgian defense industry has developed and manufactured a new light MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) based on the local-made 4x4 armoured vehicle Didgori 1 fitted with an universal rocket module. Pictures of the new vehicle were published on the Georgian Blog "The Dead District".
Georgian army Didgori 1 fitted with an universal rocket module
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Aeronautics' new Orbiter 1K Kingfisher MUAS to be unveiled at Paris Air Show 2015

The Israeli company Aeronautics recently announced it will unveil for the first time an Mini UAS in the loitering category at Paris Air Show 2015. The Orbiter 1K "Kingfisher" is a new loitering unmanned aerial system, based on the combat proven, mature Orbiter 2 MUAS fitted with a fuselage adapted for explosive payload. 
Aeronautics' new Orbiter 1K shares the same structure as the Orbiter 2
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U.S. Navy Littoral Combat Ship USS Freedom (LCS 1) Completes Rough Water Trials

The littoral combat ship USS Freedom (LCS 1) completed Seakeeping and Structural Loads Trials, commonly referred to as Rough Water Trials (RWT) in late March the Navy reported May 21. The U.S. Navy must demonstrate the seaworthiness and structural integrity of each new ship class. One of the primary ways the Navy verifies these qualities is through a series of at-sea tests and inspections. These are designed to ensure the hull design is able to navigate through and withstand forces due to inclement weather and high sea state conditions. 

UralVagonZavod of Russia negotiates with Egypt to nationalise military production sites

Russian Defense Company UralVagonZavod (UVZ) negotiated with the Egyptian government on nationalising some Russian military production sites in Egypt, CEO Oleg Sienko said. He also negotiated entering into partnerships with Egyptian companies or foreign companies working in Egypt, whether in the field of assembling war machinery or spare parts.
UralVagonZavod booth at defense exhibition in South Africa
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Russia's Air Force to purchase at least 50 Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bombers

According to the Russian news agency Tass, Russia’s Air Force will purchase at least 50 Tu-160M strategic bombers, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Air Force, Gen.Viktor Bondarev said on Thursday, May 28. "The supreme commander [president of Russia Vladimir Putin] and the Russian defense minister have taken a decision on reviving production of the Tu-160M aircraft," he stressed. The industry "has confirmed its possibilities" on restarting the production of these bombers, he said. 
Russian Air Force Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bomber
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Northrop Grumman to begin upgrade of USAF's B-2 bombers weapons management software

Northrop Grumman has successfully demonstrated to the U.S. Air Force that its plans to upgrade key weapons management software for the B-2 stealth bomber are on track and ready to proceed to the next level of development, the US-based company announced yesterday, May 27. 
Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit strategic bomber
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Scott Safety Respiratory Protection Company Unveiled New Generation Mask during IDEF 2015

The First Responder Respirator (FRR) is a new generation mask developed from the General Service Respirator (GSR). The GSR have been selected by UK armed forces for the UK Ministery of Defence General Service Respirator Program. GSR is not an upgrade to an existing design; it is a completly new system based on a revolutionary suite of technologies. The FRR is the a new version of GSR adapted for civilian use.

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Japan and Vietnam agree to intensify air defense cooperation between their two countries.

Visiting Chief of Staff of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force General Harukazu Saito and his Vietnamese host have agreed to intensify air defense cooperation between their two countries. The agreement was made between General Saito and Senior Lieutenant General Do Ba Ty, Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army, at their talks in Hanoi on May 25, according to the Vietnam News Agency.
Senior Lieutenant General Do Ba Ty Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army (R) and General Harukazu Saito, Chief of Staff of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (L).
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Atlas Elektronik UK awarded UK MoD Autonomous Minesweeping Capability contract

Atlas Elektronik UK Ltd (AEUK) have been awarded the first phase worth £13 million of a £28 million contract by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to supply an Autonomous Minesweeping Capability to the Royal Navy (RN). These Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV) will create underwater influences to detonate mines in a controlled manner. The contract will be executed over the next five years to restore minesweeping capabilities to the RN.

Mexico and Airbus Helicopters could sign deal for 50 more Caracal utility helicopters

Mexico is reportedly in talks to buy 50 more Super Puma military helicopters from Airbus Helicopters a source familiar with the negotiations said, confirming a report on the La Tribune news website. A deal for the AS332 Super Puma helicopter could be concluded as early as the Bastille Day military ceremonies in Paris on July 14 when Mexico has put negotiations on the agenda for a visit by its president, the source said, asking not to be named. 
Mexican Air Force's AS332 Super Puma utility helicopter
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Russia has confirmed its decision to deliver S-300 air defense missile systems to Iran.

According France-Press agency, Russia on Tuesday, May 26, 2015, confirmed its decision to deliver S-300 air defense missile systems to Iran. Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian openly told Iranian state-run news agencies the deal was a “success” and the system would soon be delivered.
Russian-made S-300PMU2 air defense system at MAKS 2003, near Moscow.
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JFD wins prestigious NATO Submarine Rescue System NSRS contract

JFD, which was formed by the merger of James Fisher Defence and Divex in 2014, announced that it has been awarded a £12.1m contract by the UK Ministry of Defence for the provision of the NATO Submarine Rescue System (NSRS). The five-year contract includes options through to 2023 and encompasses all aspects of operation and through-life-support. 

Instro Highlighted ISTAR Equipments, Sensors and Cameras for Military Vehicles at IDEF 2015

As part of the UK Pavilion in IDEF 2015, Instro Precision showcased Motorised Surveillance Platforms, Target Observation and Acquisition equipment (ISTAR: Intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance) and Sensors, Cameras and Displays for Military Vehicles. Some new products were presented for the first time, including the new D2 Pan & Tilt head for Land and Marine Surveillance Applications.

D2 Pan & Tilt head for Land and Marine Surveillance Applications is one of the new products presented by Instro during IDEF 2015, in Turkey

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Sillinger to Supply Six New RHIBs to Brazil Federal Police

French RHIB specialist Sillinger announces it just won a tender with Brazil's Federal Police to supply six new rigid hull inflatable boats (RHIBs) for coastal patrol, anti-drug trafficking and fast troop transport missions.

Russia and Iraq mull to strengthen cooperation in joint fight against terrorismIraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, May 21, 2015

Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated Russia's traditional friendship with Iraq and pledged to expand cooperation between the two countries in a host of areas including anti-terrorism when he met with visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Thursday, May 28, according to the Kremlin press release. 
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, May 21, 2015
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Piracy Activity Onboard Oil Tanker exposes need for greater Security Measures on Ships & at Ports

May 27, 2015-Boston, MA.- The Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in Asia (ReCAAP) has reported a sharp increase in the number of incidents from this past quarter (January-March 2015) in relation to the same time period in 2013 where there were 29 incidents reported; 38 have already been reported for Q1 2015. When compared with the same period from 2014, the amount of incidents has doubled in the precarious Southeast Asian waters of the Straits of Malacca and Singapore-commonly referred to as SOMS- as well as at some ports in Vietnam. Unfortunately, with a recent piracy attack on a Malaysian oil tanker on May 15th, the growing security concerns for ships at sea or docked in this region has heightened, leaving a very urgent need to enhance vigilant security measures.

At IDEF 2015 Pearson Engineering showcased its proven combat engineering solutions

Pearson Engineering is a world-leading provider of counter-mine, counter-IED, combat earth moving and assault bridging equipment for armoured fighting vehicles. The International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF) 2015 of Istanbul, was the occasion for Pearson Engineering to present its combat engineering solutions such as mine ploughs, combat dozer blades, IED route clearance equipment, excavator arms.

Lockheed Martin Awarded Contract For U.S. Coast Guard National Security Cutter C4ISR

Lockheed Martin received a $72 million contract to support the United States Coast Guard's efforts to enforce maritime sovereignty and address at-sea threats through the National Security Cutter (NSC) program.

L-3 Receives Award for U.S. Navy Block 4 LPPM Photonics Mast Program

L-3 Communications announced today that its electro-optics business, L-3 KEO, was awarded a $48.7 million, competitively bid contract from the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) to develop and build a new, slimmer version of its photonics mast for the Block 4 Low Profile Photonics Mast (LPPM) program for use on Virginia-class submarines. Under the terms of the contract, L-3 KEO will perform engineering and design work for the lower-profile mast during the first year, with options to produce up to 29 photonics masts over a subsequent four-year period, as well as engineering services and provisioning item orders with a contract maximum ceiling value of $157 million.