Wednesday, 30 November 2011

DCNS starts building first warship for Russia in France

French shipbuilder DCNS has received advance payment from Moscow under a $1.2-billion contract and will start the construction of the first warship for the Russian Navy, the DCNS press service said on Wednesday. The two countries signed a contract in June on two French-built Mistral class amphibious assault ships including the transfer of sensitive technology.
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United States Army places first order of SAAB Carl-Gustaf man-portable weapon system

Defence and security company Saab has signed a contract with the U.S. Army for the company’s Carl-Gustaf man-portable weapon system. This marks the first time the Army has bought the 84mm recoilless rifle system. The Army and U.S. Special Operations Command placed a combined order with a total value of MUSD 31.5 (MSEK 209).
US Army soldiers test the Carl Gustaf man-portable weapon system

Swisstzerland opt for Saab's Gripen fighter jets to replace F-5

Switzerland has chosen to replace its F-5 fighter jet fleet with Swedish defence and aerospace group Saab's JAS-39 Gripen, Swiss newspaper Tagesanzeiger reported on Wednesday, citing unnamed sources close to the government. Switzerland has decided against buying the Dassault Rafale or Eurofighter. While the Rafale is the only aircraft that has exceeded the Swiss Air Force minimum requirements, the Gripen was the cheapest offer and therefore was selected by the Federal Council.

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French army orders new Javelin anti-tank missile kit to be integrated on VAB armoured vehicle

Under an urgent operational requirement, on June 15 2011, the French defense procurement agency (DGA) ordered kits from Renault Trucks Defense for integrating the Javelin anti-tank missile system into the VAB armoured personnel carrier.
French Army VAB wheeled armoured vehicle personnel carrier in Afghanistan

Iran army is now equipped with a new 100mm automatic anti-aicraft gun "Sa'eer" with firing radar

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force on Tuesday, November 29, 2011, received a large number of air defense canons manufactured by the Iranian Defense Industries. The 100mm air defense guns named "Sa'eer" were delivered to the IRGC Aerospace Force during a ceremony attended by commander of the force, General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, and the Defense Minister General Ahmad Vahidi.
Sa'eer 100mm anti-aicraft gun with firing radar made by the Iranian Defence Industry

Russia and Cuba will produce together ammunition for Kalashnikov assault rifles

Russia and Cuba are planning to sign a contract on building an assembly line for production of ammunition for Kalashnikov assault rifles, Kommersant business daily reported on Wednesday, November 30, 2011.
Kalashnikov Russian made assault rifle

Chinese Navy Building Up its Submarine Fleet

The Chinese Navy is expected to procure 30 more submarines by 2020 and bring the total from the current 62 to 100 by 2030, Hong Kong's Ming Pao daily reported on Tuesday. According to the paper, the U.S. has 75 subs, 26 of them deployed in the Asia-Pacific region. China is building up its Navy, including retrofitting its first aircraft carrier.
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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Lebanese army has tested SH2 chinese wheeled self-propelled howitzer armed with M101 105 mm gun

Lebanese army has tested the Chinese wheeled self-propelled howitzer SH2 armed with Russian made D-30 122mm howitzer, but also with the American M101 105mm howitzer. Chinese defense Company proposes also a version of the SH2 but armed with a 105mm howitzer named SH5.
The Chinese XLW-TB 6x6 light truck chassis armed with M101 105mm howitzer during firing test in Lebanon.

Russian warships, including Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, head for Syria

Moscow is deploying warships at its base in the Syrian port of Tartus. The long-planned mission comes, providentially, at the very moment when it could help prevent a potential conflict in the strategically important Middle Eastern country. The Russian battle group will consist of three vessels led by the heavy aircraft-carrying missile cruiser, Admiral Kuznetsov.
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Brahmos achieves Mach 6.5 speed during lab test

The latest version of Indo-Russian Brahmos cruise missile has achieved a speed of Mach 6.5 during experiments at Hyderabad and the target is to achieve Mach 7, a top DRDO official said here today. "Experiments are being done in Hyderabad. We have completed tests up to Mach 6.5," BrahMos Aerospace Private Limited Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director A Sivathanu Pillai told reporters here.
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New Cutting Edge Missile Defence System for ANZAC Ships

Minister for Defence Stephen Smith and Minister for Defence Materiel Jason Clare today announced that the Government has approved the upgrade of all eight of the Royal Australian Navy’s Anzac Class frigates with an advanced Anti-Ship Missile Defence system. The total project cost is in excess of $650 million, including the funds already spent upgrading HMAS Perth.
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China's refitted aircraft carrier sets sail for 2nd trial at sea

China's refitted aircraft carrier sailed for its second sea trial on Tuesday for relevant scientific research and experiments, Chinese Ministry of National Defense said in a press release. According to the press release, prior to sailing, the aircraft carrier had completed all the refitting and testing work as scheduled after its first sea trial in August.
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Monday, 28 November 2011

Russian army units on the territory of the Chechen Republic will be equipped with 2S19 MSTA-S howitzer

The Russian army units deployed on the territory of the Chechen Republic, continue to receive the latest tracked armoured howitzer 2S19 MSTA-S. For the end of this year, all the artillery units will be equipped with this modern howitzer.
Russian army 2S19 MSTA-S self-propelled howitzer on the move during training exercise
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Chinese Company Xiaolong Automotive presents its new SH2 self-propelled howitzer 122mm at SMES 2011

At SMES 2011, the Middle East Defence and Security exhibition in Beyrouth, the Chinese Company Xiaolong Automotive Technology presents for the first time to the public its new wheeled self-propelled howitzer SH2.
The Chinese SH2 wheeled self-propelled howitzer 122mm at SMES 2011 Defence and Security exhibition in Beyrouth.

Lebanon armed forces try to make its modernization with second hands military equipment

At SMES 2011, defence and security Middle East exhibition in Beyrouth, the Lebanon armed forces present its latest acquisition of second hands military equipment and armoured vehicles, as the AIFV (Armoured Infantry fighting vehicle) offered by Belgium.
Second hand Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle AIFV with 25mm gun are now in service in the Lebanon Armed Forces (Pictures Army Recognition Copyright at SMES 2011)

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Iranian Navy Receives 3 new Ghadir-Class Midget-Submarines

The Iranian Navy expanded the fleet of its submarines after it received three more Ghadir-class submarines today, Iranian Army's Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari announced on Saturday. Speaking to reporters in a press conference here in Tehran on Saturday, the Navy commander underlined that all parts of the submarines have been designed and manufactured by Iranian experts.
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Army of India will upgrade its armoured vehicles BMP-2 and BMP-2 K with new powerful engine

India is preparing to upgrade around 1,500 BMP-2 and BMP-2K Infantry Combat Vehicles (ICVs) with more powerful engines to enhance their cross-country mobility, floatation and gradient negotiating capability and mount more lethal weapon systems on board. All of this will make the ICVs robust killer machines.
BMP-2 armoured infantry fighting vehicle Army of India

Iraqi armed forces need the presence of U.S. Army army to maintain security in the country

Iraqi forces need an American troop presence, or at least U.S. training forces, President Jalal Talabani has said, according to a Nov. 26 statement on the Iraqi presidency's website. Regarding "internal security, I believe that the police and army forces are capable of maintaining security as it is now," Talabani said in an interview with Iraqiya television, according to the statement.
U.S. Army Soldiers of the 573rd Clearance Company, 1st Engineer Battalion, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, climbs into his mine resistant ambush- protected vehicle before departing on a convoy route clearing mission near Tikrit, Iraq, Feb. 22.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Eurocopter delivers the first of six EC145s ordered by Kazakh Ministries of Defense and Emergencies

Eurocopter delivered the first of six EC145s ordered to date by the Kazakh Ministries of Defense and Emergencies. A total of 45 of the helicopters are to be purchased, and will be assembled by the new joint venture Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering, in which Eurocopter and Kazakhstan Engineering have a 50/50 share.
EC145 helicopter Eurocopter

SAAB continues to support Swedish armed forces in Afghanistan

The Swedish Armed Forces will continue to entrust Saab with the operation and maintenance of power stations at three Swedish bases in Afghanistan. The contract is being extended for another year and is now valid to 2013.
The new Swedish army camp Monitor in Schebregan: Excavation and laying of underground cables for electricity, fibre and telecommunications.

Italian army soldiers learn about MRAP armoured vehicle in U.S. training centre Grafenwoehr

Early in the evening of Oct. 20, Italian combat engineer Cpl. Tizano Testa hurriedly clamored over the cab of a 19-ton, 18-foot high MaxxPro-Base armored fighting vehicle while trying to install a night-vision camera on the roof.
Cpl. Tizano Testa, one of 32 students from the Italian Army's 21st Engineers, successfully installs a night-vision camera to the cab of a MaxxPro Base mine-resistant, ambush-protected, or MRAP.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Russia had recently sent S-300 air defence missile with technical advisors in Syria

Russian warships that have reached waters off Syria in recent days were carrying, among other things, Russian technical advisors who will help the Syrians set up an array of S-300 missiles Damascus has received in recent weeks, a report in the London-based Arabic language Al Quds-Al Arabi said Thursday. Citing sources in Syria and Russia, the paper said that Moscow sees a Western attack on Syria as a “red line” that it will not tolerate.
Russian air defence missile system S-300PMU2 at MAKS Moscow Air Show

Russia refuses to sell arresters for Chinese aircraft carrier

Construction of the first Chinese aircraft carrier faced new unanticipated problems; it turned out that the former Soviet carrier Varyag was not equipped with arresters, and it is unclear where China could get them. In 2007 news agency Kanwa exclusively reported from St. Petersburg that China would buy 4 arresters designed by Marine Engineering Research Institute and made by Proletarsky Zavod plant which produces all Russian arresters and arresting hooks. Earlier on, China had contacts with this plant purchasing constituent parts for Project 956E/EM destroyers.

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Brazil is negotiating access to software for its nuclear submarine with France

Brazil may obtain a transfer of software technology for the nuclear submarine that it is planning to build in partnership with France. This statement comes from the director of Serviço Federal de Dados Processamento (Serpro), Marcos Mazoni. This technology transfer is not covered by the agreements already signed, but according to Mazoni, the discussions are heading in the right direction and Brazil should have access to source code that control equipments. "It is certain that Brazil will obtain the transfer."
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Arab states with the support of Turkish warplanes and U.S. logistic ready for no-fly zone in Syria

Arab states are reportedly set to impose a no-fly zone over Syria with US logistical support. But as the drive to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on “humanitarian grounds” continues, the Libyan scenario seems to be repeating itself. Turkish warplanes with US logistical backing are reportedly set to implement the no-fly zone once the Arab League issues a decree calling for the protection of Syrian civilians in accordance with its charter.
Turkish Air Force is equipped with F-16 fighter aicraft
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Thursday, 24 November 2011

DDG 1000 Zumwalt class Destroyer Datasheet Specifications Pictures Video

The DDG 1000 Zumwalt class destroyer is the US Navy next generation, multi-mission, naval destroyer, serving as the vanguard of an entire new generation of advanced multi-mission surface combat ships. The class is a scaled-back project that emerged after funding cuts to the larger DD-21 vessel program. The program was previously known as the "DD(X)".

Link to DDG-1000 datasheet, specifications, pictures, photos, videos etc...

Kuwaiti Navy ships and equipment

MBDA to set up industrial capability for the demilitarization of complex munitions

On 3rd November 2011, NAMSA (the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency) awarded MBDA the contract for the destruction of 36,000 complex munitions.

Russia will spend more than $30 billion for military equipment and weapons in 2012

Over 1 trillion rubles ($30 billion) will be spent on the provision of arms and military equipment to the Russian Armed Forces next year, Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said on Thursday, November 24, 2011.
Russian Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov
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DGA (French Procurement Agency) delivers first L-CAT/EDA-R landing catamaran to French Navy

On November 24, 2011 the Direction Générale de l'Armement (DGA - French Procurement Agency) has taken delivery of the first fast amphibious landing craft (dubbed EDA-R for "engin de débarquement amphibie rapide"). The EDA-R offers five times the landing capacity of existing landing craft currently in service with the French Navy. The EDA-R will be used by the Marine Nationale's Mistral class LHDs.
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The first F-35 stealth fighter aircraft is expected to arrive in Israel in 2015

The F-35 fighter aircraft will be based at the IAF's Nevatim Airbase in the Negev, the IAF commander has determined. The deal to acquire the F-35 was signed in the last year and the planes are expected to arrive in Israel in the next few years.
F-35A Lightning II stealth fighter aicraft

British and Afghan army soldiers launch operation COURAGEOUS MOUNTAIN Tora Ghar in Helmand province

British and Afghan army soldiers launched an airborne operation into an isolated area of Helmand province which they then swept for any insurgent activity. Operation TORA GHAR, or 'Courageous Mountain', was conducted by soldiers from C Company (C Coy), 1st Battalion The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment (1 PWRR), and the Afghan National Army (ANA), flown into the western Dashte area, west of Nad 'Ali district, on two Chinook helicopters.
British army Soldiers from C Company, 1st Battalion The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment, take part in Operation TORA GHAR in Helmand province, southern Afghanistan
[Picture: Crown Copyright/British MOD 2011]

French army procurement agency accepted its first VHM BvS10 all-terrain armoured vehicles

The French Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA) accepted its first VHM all-terrain vehicles on the 7th of November 2011. Ordered at the end of 2009, delivery of the 53 VHMs runs until the end of 2012. The supplying companies are Swedish Hägglunds AB (part of BAE Systems) and French Panhard.
BvS10 VHM All-terrain armoured vehicle
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Elbit Systems awarded an order by the Israeli Ministry of Defense for driving armored trainers

Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ: ESLT) was awarded an order by the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD) for the supply of Armored Driving Trainers (ADTs) for several Israel Defense Forces combat vehicle types as well as for a Forward Observer Trainer (FOT) for surveillance and observation of Israel’s borders. The order is in an amount which is not material to Elbit Systems.
Armored Driving Trainers (ADTs) Elbit Systems

Rheinmetall Defence receives order to build a major army tanks training centre in Mulino, Russia

The Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation has contracted with the Düsseldorfbased Rheinmetall Group and its Russian partner JSCo Oboronservis to build a major army training centre in Mulino, Russia.
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Beirut to host International defence and security Conference Exhibition SMES 2011 from 28 countries

Some 173 companies from 28 countries around the world will take part in a three-day exhibition on modern military and security technology and policy exhibition SMES 2011 at Downtown’s BIEL (Beirut International Exhibition & Leisure Center) next week, security and military officials announced Wednesday, November 23, 2011. Army Recognition selected as Official Online Daily news SMES 2011, follow all activities of this event with the covering of our team in Lebanon.
ISF commander Maj. Gen. Ashraf Rifi speaks during a news conference in Beirut, Lebanon, Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2011. (The Daily Star)
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DCNS Gowind Offshore Patrol Vessel L'Adroit Leaves Lorient for Toulon

Eighteen months after construction began, the Gowind offshore patrol vessel L'Adroit, an innovative maritime safety and security platform, has left DCNS's Lorient shipyard, where it was built, on a course for France's Toulon naval base, its home port. Built under a DCNS-funded programme, L'Adroit incorporates a number of major innovations. DCNS has made the vessel available to the French Navy for three years, and over the next few months it will have a chance to demonstrate its exceptional operational qualities on French Navy missions.
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Iran Equips Navy with Highly Advanced "Qader" (Mighty) Anti-Ship Cruise Missile

The Iranian Defense Ministry on Wednesday supplied a large number of highly advanced coast-to-sea cruise missiles to the Army's naval forces. The missiles were delivered to the Navy in a ceremony attended by Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi and Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari.

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

India aicraft manufacturer Hindustan Aeronautics unveils project new FGFA Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft

Indian aircraft manufacturer Hindustan Aeronautics published a few promising fighter specifications FGFA (Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft), created in cooperation with Russia on the basis of combat aircraft T-50 (PAK FA). According to the description, the Indian version of the aircraft will be network-centric and will act in a group with other FGFA even in areas with "poor communication".
Artist's impression FGFA (Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft) 
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Russia will deploy missiles near NATO's borders in response to U.S. missile shield

The possible deployment of Russian missiles close to NATO countries in response to the development of U.S. missile defense shield in Europe is "very disappointing", said Wednesday the NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.
NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Su-35 Sukhoi multifunctional multirole fighter aircraft technical data sheet specifications intelligence description information identification pictures

The Su-35 (NATO code name: Flanker-E) is a single-seat, twin-engined multifunctional fighter aicraft designed and manufactured by the Russian Aviation Industry Sukhoi. Intended to gain air superiority and engage aerial and ground targets when performing autonomous and group combat actions, by day and night, in VFR and IFR weather conditions. Sukhoi Su-35 technical data sheet specification description pictures.
Sukhoi Su-35 Russian multifunctional fighter aircraft at Maks Moscow air Show
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Middle Eastern Naval Forces

Russian army will adopt a new modernized MRLS multiple rocket launcher systems, the Tornado

Official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry Nikolai Donyushkin reports that modernized multiple rocket launcher systems of Smerch, Uragan and Grad types will be supplied to the Russian Ground Forces.
Russian MRLS Multiple Rocket Launcher System 9A52-4 Tornado

Indian Navy launches Request For Proposal for 4 amphibious vessels (LHD type)

The Indian Navy has launched a request for proposal to build four large projection vessels with dual helicopter carrier and amphibious role. Indian shipyards were consulted but they had no design to propose. Indian Navy is therefore contacting foreign partners to for proposals.

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Second SIGMA class frigate for Royal Moroccan Navy successfully completes sea trials

Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (DSNS) has successfully completed the sea acceptance trials (SAT) for the second SIGMA class frigate of the Royal Moroccan navy in the North Sea, the company announced Tuesday.

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Lockheed Martin completes assembly of the first international fighter F-35 BK-1 for United Kingdom

The first international Lockheed Martin [NYSE:LMT] F-35 Lightning II rolled out of the factory Sunday evening. The United Kingdom Ministry of Defence will use the short takeoff/vertical landing (STOVL) jet, known as BK-1, for training and operational tests. BK-1 will undergo functional fuel system checks before being transported to the flight line for ground and flight tests in the coming months. The jet is scheduled to be delivered in 2012.
The first international F-35 Lightning II rolls out of the factory on Nov. 20, 2011. The United Kingdom Ministry of Defence will use the short takeoff/vertical landing (STOVL) jet, known as BK-1, for training and operational tests. (Picture Copyright Lockheed Martin)

Russian Air Force take delivery of about 90 modernized aircraft and helicopters in 2012

The Russian Air Force will take delivery of about 90 new of modernized fixed and rotary wing aircraft in 2012, a Defense Ministry spokesman said on Tuesday, November 22, 2011.
Russian made SU-35S fighter aicraft