Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Forces to get 2 more Aegis Destroyers

According to Japanese newspaper The Yomiuri Shimbun, the Japanese government will start building two Aegis-equipped destroyers with the latest missile defense systems starting next fiscal year, in light of the progress seen in missile development by North Koreathe. The two new vessel will join an exisiting fleet of 6 Aegis vessels in the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Forces (JMSDF): 4 Kongo class Destroyers and 2 Atago class Destroyers. 

China to Join Military Exercises in Australia

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will for the first time conduct joint military exercises in Australia. The announcement came as part of a four-day official visit to Australia by General Fan Changlong, the Vice Chairman of China’s Central Military Commission, following on from an earlier visit to China by Australia’s Minister for Defence, David Johnston.
Chinese troops during joint military exercise code-named Miao 12
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United States will spend US$5.8 bln on missile defense system

The United States plans to spend about US$5.8 billion over the next five years on a missile defense program designed to intercept incoming warheads from countries like North Korea, according to the Congressional Budget Office.
Successful flight test of a GMD ground-based interceptor
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Latvia to invest EUR 158 million in improving air-surveillance and anti-aircraft capabilities

Latvian governemnt yesterday approved allocating EUR 158 million in improving air-surveillance and anti-aircraft capabilities. Defense Minister Raimonds Vejonis told members of the press that this sum is meant on improving air-surveillance and anti-aircraft capabilities in the upcoming eight years. 
Latvian National Armed Forces
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BMT Partners with Ares Shipyard to Deliver 17 Patrol Boats for Qatar Coastguard

BMT Nigel Gee (BMT), a subsidiary of BMT Group, is pleased to announce its latest partnership with Ares Shipyard (Ares) to design and build seventeen patrol boats from advanced composites, for the Qatar Coastguard. This order comprises three different vessel sizes: five of 23 metres capable of speed in excess of 37 knots, 10 of 33 metres capable of achieving 30 knots and two of 46 metres also capable of 30 knots.

Chinese Army opens for first time Academy of Armored Forces Engineering to foreign journalists

The Chinese Academy of Armored Forces Engineering on Tuesday, July 22, 2014, welcomed 112 journalists from China and abroad, marking the first time a Chinese military school was opened to news reporting. Reporters from 61 media organizations around the globe had a close look at emulation robots, all-terrain vehicles, tanks and armored cars while watching student military drills at the academy.
ZTZ 96A main battle tank presented during the opening of the Chinese Academy of Armored Forces Engineering 
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Lithuania wants to modernize 2 Mechanised Infantry battalions with new wheeled armoured

Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence is beginning a mechanisation programme to implement the National Defence System Development Programme 2014-2023 approved by the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania and to the end of strengthening and modernising the Lithuanian Land Force. In first phase of the programme two battalions of the Mechanised Infantry Brigade (MIB) will be equipped with modern wheeled infantry fighting vehicles till 2020.
Currently the Lithuanian Land Force is operating M113 armoured personnel carriers. 
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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

BMX 01 multirole armoured vehicle VBMR program live demonstration field test Renault Trucks Defense

At Eurosatory 2014, Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) unveiled the BMX-01. This 6x6 multirole armoured vehicle is a new mobility and protection demonstrator for the French Army\'s future VBMR (multipurpose armoured vehicle). Financing shared between the French defence procurement agency (DGA) and RTD on the basis of a contract signed in June 2010.

SERVAL military operation of French Army France in Mali January 2013

The French army operation Serval began on Friday, January 11, 2013 when Mali appealed to France, the former colonial power in the region, for help after hostile forces surged toward the town of Mopti, a regional capital. The operation began on 11 January 2013 with French Army Aviation Gazelle SA342 light combat helicopters armed with 20 mm cannons and HOT anti-tank missile.

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Trophy active protection system against anti tank missile rockets for co...

The Trophy active protection system for combat vehicles has showed its efficiency during the Israeli military operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip. It's the first real test of Trophy during real combat operations and the Trophy system has intercepted five anti-tank missiles aimed at armored IDF vehicles in Gaza.

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