Friday, 24 October 2014

Taiwan set to purchase advanced trainers in 2017

Taiwan is planning to purchase advanced trainers to replace its aging fleet of F-5E/F jet fighters and AT-3 jet trainers, defense minister Yen Ming said Thursday. The plans to procure advanced trainers are expected to be included in the Ministry of National Defense budget for 2017, Yen said while fielding questions from legislator Lin Yu-fang of the ruling Kuomintang before the Legislature's Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee. 
Taiwanese AIDC AT-3 "Tzu Chung" trainer jet 
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More Lakotas for the U.S. Army

Airbus Defense and Space has obtained an $82.9 million (about € 65.5 million) contract to deliver 17 UH-72A Lakotas to the U.S. Army. The UH-72A Lakota is a military version of the Eurocopter EC145 helicopter.
UH-72A serve in U.S. Army and in Army National Guard
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Raytheon and Thales to upgrade U.K. Mode 5 Identification Friend or Foe capability

The U.K. Ministry of Defence selected the Raytheon U.K., Thales U.K. team to conduct a one-year study into upgrading existing Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) systems to Mode 5, which will address NATO's requirement for a new standard of IFF across all platforms. 
Raytheon and Thales joint study will adress NATO's requirement for a new standard of IFF across all british military platforms 
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Combattante FS 46 Fast Attack Craft (CMN - Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie)

The Combattante FS46, evolution of sea proven CMN Combattante II class, is a Fast Attack Craft, able to perform with a high level of efficiency the tasks required by a Patrol Missile Boat mission's profiles. 

C Sword 90 Stealth Corvette (CMN - Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie)

C Sword 90 is a stealthy corvette. She is designed and armed for deterrent missions and to operate in multiple theatres of operations and more especially, for littoral warfare defence operations against submarine, air and surface threats. The vessel features stealthy hull and superstructure design with sloped surface and highly integrated equipment.

Ocean Eagle 43 Mine Hunter (MH) - (CMN - Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie)

OCEAN EAGLE 43 MH is the mine hunting version of the Ocean Eagle 43. The mine warfare operating mode is based on the use of autonomous or remote operated vehicles embarked on the OCEAN EAGLE 43 MH playing the Mother Ship role. Operations are done at safe distance from the vessel. Detection of the Mines at long range improves the safety for the Mother Ship, assures the integrity of the crew and ensures the success of the mission.

CMN House of naval excellence founded in 1946

CMN, CONSTRUCTIONS MECANIQUES DE NORMANDIE is a privately owned shipyard located in Cherbourg, France. 150,000m² of facilities are available and the launching of ships up to 3,500 tons or up to 110 meters in length and 32 meters in width is possible by means of a synchrolift. Since 1946 CMN already delivered around 700 units (military and civilian ships) to 37 navies all over the world. CMN designs and builds vessels in steel, aluminium alloy or composite material. CMN was awarded ISO 9001 in recognition of superior quality work in all aspects of the company’s activities

PIRIOU Shipbuilding, ship repair and naval engineering

Involved in shipbuilding, repair naval engineering and services since 1965, PIRIOU specializes in producing medium-sized vessels up to approximately 120 m with high added value through a combination of high-performance engineering and a global network of industrial sites in Europe, Africa and Asia. With more than 400 vessels delivered worldwide, PIRIOU provides bespoke solutions as well as a complete range of standardized or customized vessels that satisfy the requirements of international shipowners, whether they be private or public, civilian or military.

Royal Thai Air Force signed for two Airbus Helicopter's EC725 tactical transport helicopters

The airborne capabilities of Thailand’s air force will be significantly enhanced with the acquisition of two mission-ready Airbus Helicopters rotorcraft types: the light-utility EC645 T2 and the 11-ton-class EC725. 
Airbus Helicopter's EC725 Super Cougar tactical transport helicopter 
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Iraqi army regroups but won't be able to launch a ground offensive before months

Iraq's fractured army has begun to regroup and stage modest, localized attacks on the Islamic State militants who routed them last spring and summer, but they are unlikely to be ready to launch a major counteroffensive for many months, senior U.S. military officials said Thursday, Oct. 24.
U.S. forces help Iraqi Army complete training program
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