Monday, 30 May 2016

First Littoral Mission Vessel LMV Independence Joins the Republic of Singapore Navy Fleet

The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) welcomed a new addition to its fleet as Littoral Mission Vessel (LMV) Independence finished its sea trials and cruised to its new home at Tuas Naval Base on 26 May. LMV Independence is one of the eight LMVs that will replace the current Fearless-class Patrol Vessels (PVs). The new ships will be more efficient than their predecessors in areas such as speed and versatility.

GE to Provide IHI with LM2500 Gas Turbines for Japan’s New 8,200-Ton 27DD Aegis Destroyer

GE’s Marine Solutions announced it will provide IHI, Tokyo, Japan, with two LM2500 aeroderivative marine gas turbines for the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force’s (JMSDF) new 8,200-ton class Aegis destroyer.

Kirov-class Nuclear Powered Missile Cruiser Pyotr Veliky in Barents Sea for Northern Fleet drills

Russia’s Northern Fleet has started an exercise in the Barents Sea, the fleet’s press office said on Friday. The maneuvers involve ten warships and support vessels, including the Project 11442 heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser Pyotr Veliky, and planes and helicopters of the Northern Fleet’s Air and Air Defense Army, the press office added.

Russia & India will sign a contract with United Arab Emirates for delivery of Brahmos cruise missile

Russia and India have agreed to deliver BrahMos cruise missiles to third countries, in particular, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, South Africa and Chile, spokesman for the Russian-Indian BrahMos Aerospace Company Praveen Pathak told TASS on Monday, May 30, 2016.
Brahmos missile on mobile launcher unit during a military parade in New Delhi, India. (Picture from http://www.wallpaperup.com/)
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New batch of four Su-34 fighters delivered to Russian Aerospace Force

The Sukhoi Company, part of Russia’s United Aircraft-Manufacturing Corporation, has delivered a batch of Sukhoi Su-34 (NATO reporting name: Fullback) frontline bombers to the Russian Aerospace Force, the Company’s press office said on Monday. 
A RuAF Su-34 Fullback frontline bomber aircraft
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Beriev rolls out first serial-produced Be-200Chs amphibious multirole aircraft

The Beriev Design Bureau in Taganrog in south Russia has assembled the first serial-produced Beriev Be-200ChS amphibious plane, President of Russia’s United Aircraft-Manufacturing Corporation Yuri Slyusar said on Monday. 
Beriev rolled out the first upgraded Be-200Chs amphibious aircraft
(Credit: UAC)
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Algeria reportedly took delivery of first two Mi-28NE combat helicopters

According to pictures released on social medias, Russia reportedly delivered the two first Mi-38NE attack helicopters ordered by Algeria. Russia will deliver a total of 42 Mi-28NE attack helicopters to Algeria in line with a bilateral contract, Interfax news agency announced in late March 2016, quoting a source in Russia's arms exporting bodies. 
One of the twoi first Mi-28NE Night Hunter attack helicopters reportedly delivered to Algeria on May 26, 2016
(Source: Twitter)
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EURENCO commissions new NTO explosive plant in France

EURENCO has commissioned in May 2016 a new plant for the production of NTO insensitive explosives as part of its investment strategy in Sorgues (France) to modernize explosive production lines and answer current and future customers’ needs.

Video Interdepartmental Forum Tactics and Techniques for Belgian Police and Army Camp Lagland Arlon.

The 300 participants at the Belgian Interdepartmental Forum Tactics and Techniques met to determine best practices, concepts and technologies for protecting the public and police in a constrained budget environment and to consider the extent to which lethal and non-lethal technologies and weapons and tactics can be utilized to assist Police and Military forces during their missions.
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Algerian T-90 tanks receive Shtora-1 jammer

Russia has supplied a batch of Shtora-1 optical-electronic countermeasure systems to equip Algerian T-90S main battle tanks (MBT), according to a source in Russian defense industry.
An Algerian T-90S Main Battle Tank (MBT) (Photo Canal Algérie)
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